Harding University appoints new leadership for the Honors College

The Harding University Honors College has appointed Dr. Kevin Kehl dean and Dr. James Huff and Dr. Jim Miller as faculty fellows following a leadership restructure.

Dr. James Huff

Huff, recently promoted to associate professor of engineering from the College of Sciences, and Miller, associate professor of communication from the College of Arts and Humanities, have been named the first two-year appointees as Honors College Faculty Fellows beginning Aug. 1, 2020 through May 2022. In addition to teaching Honors courses, the faculty fellows will help develop the Honors College curriculum and co-curriculum and help guide and mentor students through various experiential learning and capstone projects.

Dr. Jim Miller

Since its inception in 1989, the Honors Program, which became the Honors College in 1998, has provided the most scholarly of undergraduate students at Harding with special opportunities for academic and social enrichment. The Honors College is open to qualified undergraduate students from any college and actively seeks to partner with faculty in every college to provide a rich experience for their students through honors sections and courses offered with honors contracts.

ā€œI am pleased to announce that Dr. Kevin Kehl will be the new dean of the Honors College,ā€ said Marty Spears, provost and chief academic officer. ā€œDr. Kehl is passionate about helping students from all colleges and programs of studies achieve their goals. He is committed to continuing the tradition of strong leadership in the Honors College and empowering the faculty fellows to develop and pursue a vision for the future of the Honors College at Harding. Dr. Kehl also will continue to serve as the dean of University College.ā€

Dr. Kevin Kehl

Kehl fills the role previously held by Dr. Mike James who retired after 47 years with the University.

Kehl, Huff and Miller will be joining others currently serving in the Honors College including Dr. Scott Adair, associate professor in the College of Bible and Ministry and academic director of Honors Symposium; Mrs. Debbie Baird, Honors College administrator; and Mrs. Kristina Chance, assistant to the dean.

For more information about the Honors College, visit harding.edu/honors.