Harding University professor recognized at international conference

Dr. James Huff, assistant professor of engineering and physics at Harding University, was chosen as one of five New Faculty Fellows to attend the 2014 Frontiers in Education 44th annual conference Oct. 24 in Madrid, Spain.

This is a competitive award among early career engineering faculty. As a recipient of this award, Huff received a cash prize of $1,000 and presented a poster during a session at the FIE Conference discussing his career, teaching and research goals.

The FIE Conference is hosted annually by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and American Society for Engineering Education.

“I am considerably humbled to receive recognition as a New Faculty Fellow for the FIE conference,” Huff said. “Harding’s engineering department is a special place that provides students with opportunities to define their engineering identities in relation to their primary identity as Christian disciples. I am privileged to work among such colleagues and students who exemplify Christ, and I hope that my trajectory as an early career faculty member can also serve to facilitate growth among our engineering students.”

James Huff