Hendrix Senior Recognized by National Physics Society

Hannah McWilliams ’13 has been chosen as a Society of Physics Students 2012 Leadership Scholar for her academic performance, strong interest in continuing to pursue physics, and her involvement in the Society.

“I’m grateful to the Society of Physics Students for recognizing and rewarding the work that my fellow officers and I put into making the Hendrix Chapter of SPS more active and engaging for its members,” McWilliams said. “Receiving the SPS Leadership Award brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction along with it.”

Following her graduation from Hendrix, McWilliams plans to go to graduate school in aerospace engineering.

Dr. Todd Tinsley, the Society of Physics Students advisor on campus, believes McWilliams has earned the award.

“In the five years I have served as faculty advisor to the Hendrix College chapter of SPS, I have received five solicitations to encourage students to apply for this scholarship,” he said. “Every year I have posted that information in our student study room and sent out information digitally to our members. Only twice, however, have I felt so strongly about a particular student’s suitability for this award that I pulled her aside and told her she should give serious consideration to applying. The first was Ms. Mallory Young, a 2009 winner of an SPS scholarship. The second is Ms. Hannah McWilliams.”

“I have known Ms. McWilliams for two years. Over that time I have served as her instructor in two upper-level courses and an advanced laboratory, her academic advisor, her research supervisor, and as faculty advisor to our chapter to SPS for which she is now serving her second term as president,” he said. “I believe I’m uniquely qualified to attest to the drive, intensity, and high scholarship she brings to her work. … She is an exemplar of the kind of engaged learning in and outside of the classroom Hendrix values so much.”

By Rachel Thomas ’14

Rachel Thomas ’14 is an English studies major from Fayetteville, Ark.