Hendrix to Make Significant Investment in Student Living

Hendrix College is preparing to make major upgrades to five of its historic residence halls.

“In our community, the residence halls can have as great an impact on students as our academic buildings and athletics facilities,” said Hendrix President Bill Tsutsui, adding that “living on campus is one of the most cherished memories” for generations of Hendrix students.

“That’s why we are making the most significant upgrades ever to the heritage dorms at the heart of Hendrix,” he said.

The multi-year project is currently underway with infrastructure improvements, including connecting campus buildings to a district cooling loop. The loop uses a single system to cool multiple buildings to maximize energy efficiency and minimize disruption or downtime should a single building’s cooling system fail. The cooling loop expansion should be complete before the end of the fall semester.

After commencement in the spring, both Veasey and Martin Halls will close so upgrades can take place during the 2019-2020 academic year. (See historical information on Veasey and Martin Halls below)

Upgrades to Raney and Galloway Halls will take place the next year. Hardin Hall will get a makeover in 2021-22.

Working with WER Architects of Little Rock, the residence hall upgrades will include overhauling heating and cooling systems to enhance air quality and moisture control; reconfiguring and renovating bathroom, laundry, and public spaces; improving ADA accessibility; increasing Wi-Fi access and electrical capacity; making external renovations such as roof and brick work; and restoring historic architectural features.

Alongside the infrastructure improvements and dorm upgrades, the new Miller Creative Quad is currently under construction. The new facility will feature music facilities, an auditorium and film screening space, and the new Windgate Museum of Art on the first level.

The upper two floors of the Quad’s two buildings will include new living space for about 100 students. The student residences will open in fall 2019.

“We can’t wait to see these beloved and stately buildings revitalized for the 21st century and filled with new friendships and fresh memories made by future generations of Hendrix students,” Tsutsui said. “Together the upgraded dormitories and Miller Creative Quad will reinvigorate and reinforce the strong sense of community that has made Hendrix unique for more than a century.”

Martin Hall

  • Constructed in 1919
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Four stories
  • Provides living space for 123 male students

Veasey Hall

  • Constructed in 1967
  • Three stories
  • Provides living space for 120 female students