JBU Care Clinic Renamed to Community Counseling Clinic

John Brown University’s Care Clinic has been renamed to the Community Counseling Clinic in order to clarify the clinic’s mission to serve the local community by providing low-cost professional counseling services. The clinic now offers a flexible flat rate of $15 per session.

The Community Counseling Clinic works in conjunction with JBU’s Graduate Counseling program to train graduate students to become licensed counselors through experiential learning. Under the supervision of licensed professors and staff with extensive experience in the counseling field, each counseling graduate student will work with a community member(s) through issues that include depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, marital and relationship issues and challenges facing children.

The clinic serves adults, children, couples and families in two locations across Arkansas in Little Rock and Siloam Springs.

“We live in complicated times and managing the complexities of life is difficult. Living well requires understanding the challenges one faces and the courage and skill to make changes,” Dr. Tim Dinger, executive director of the Community Counseling Clinic, said. “The professional care and counsel provided supports the community member and helps facilitates the change necessary in their life.”

The clinic’s fees were previously set on a sliding scale that ranged from $0 to $40 per session, depending on the client’s income. Now, the flexible flat-rate pricing of $15 per session simplifies the payment for the client and ensures clients are not denied service and have the flexibility to pay as little as $1 per session.

The clinic also added staff to oversee all procedures and policies, and address emergent clinical issues.  

“The clinic provides a training culture that sets professional and ethical standards for our students to be exceptional in this field to benefit our community and future generations,” Dinger said. “We understand the time, effort, cost and commitment to care for the mental health and relational needs of our clients and their loved ones. We are glad to make our services affordable and accessible.”

To request an appointment or to get more information, visit www.jbu.edu/community-counseling-clinic/ or call 501-219-9245 for the Little Rock location or 479-524-7300 for the Siloam Springs location.