John Brown University, New Life Ranch form Community Partnership Scholarship

John Brown University has formed a community partnership scholarship with New Life Ranch, providing full-time employees and members of their immediate families with the opportunity to receive a tuition scholarship of up to $2,500 per year for up to four years.

Tom Graney, New Life Ranch executive director, said New Life Ranch and John Brown University have been synonymous with one another for many years, so it’s only natural for both of them to finally have more of an official connection.

“We’re only seven miles apart, New Life Ranch’s board has been made up of JBU faculty and alumni, New Life Ranch staff have taught classes at JBU, and we have many students who have been on summer staff and worked at camp during the school year. Many campers have considered JBU because it’s so close to New Life Ranch – their favorite place as a kid,” said Graney. “With all of that, the real glue that holds it all together is that we have the same Gospel of Jesus Christ focus with what we do. I look forward to many years of fruitful partnership between both organizations.”

Joe Walenciak, dean of business development and strategic partnerships, said the partnership will allow New Life Ranch and JBU to better connect and empower students to succeed.

“New Life Ranch and JBU share a similar core mission and have been great partners for many years,” Walenciak said. “We are very happy and proud to deepen our partnership with this great ministry.”

This scholarship will apply to any degree program offered at JBU, including students in traditional on-campus undergraduate, online undergraduate and graduate programs. 

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