Tyson Foods, John Brown University Partnership Offers Tuition Discount

Tyson Foods has partnered with John Brown University to offer a 10 percent tuition discount to Tyson Foods eligible employees through their employer benefits.

“The collaboration agreement between Tyson Foods and John Brown University is a true testament of our commitment to creating opportunities for team member professional development and personal growth,” said Alex Solis Amador, managing director, poultry strategy.

Eligible Tyson Foods team members will be able to receive the tuition discount to pursue a graduate degree in any of nine business programs: master of business administration, which includes options for MBAs in international business, market research & consumer insights, design thinking & innovation, cybersecurity and healthcare administration; as well as masters of science degrees in design thinking & innovation, leadership or outdoor program management. Employees with prior college credit looking to complete their bachelor’s degree can apply the discount to online undergraduate degrees including: business administration, liberal arts, organizational leadership, psychology and nursing.

All of the degrees offered through the partnership can be completed either exclusively online or through a combination of online and evening classes at the JBU Rogers Center.

“JBU has enjoyed a great relationship with Tyson Foods for many years, and this partnership gives us the opportunity to make that relationship even stronger,” said Joe Walenciak, dean, business development and strategic partnerships. “We look forward to serving the many Tyson team members who wish to further their education and continuing to see JBU students and graduates launch their careers at Tyson.”