Lyon College is pilot for Austin-based tech company

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lyon College was the first to bring on new support services from an Austin-based technology services provider that serves over 400 higher education institutions across the country.

Apogee, with clients ranging from Johns Hopkins University to Arizona State University, partnered with Lyon to improve its technical infrastructure and remote-learning capacity. 

Specifically, Lyon adopted Apogee’s desktop, classroom, and server support, which enables blended learning opportunities for students to connect to live lectures remotely and view recorded lecture material online.

The partnership is mutually beneficial: using Apogee allows Lyon personnel more time to focus on strategic projects. An estimated 15-20% of departmental time has been saved, and technical capacity has dramatically increased.

“With Apogee, Lyon now has the capacity to remotely teach courses that are comparable to our in-person courses,” said Director of Institutional Research Andrew English. “It’s also allowed us to rebuild 95% or our server core.” 

An upgraded server core means faster services, backup, and better security, which will all be imperative for remote learning practices. 

“Apogee Managed Campus has empowered us to more effectively carry out our mission of fostering critical, creative thought and fulfilling personal and professional lives. It does this by foundationally providing the digital resources we are increasingly using to become a 21st century liberal arts college of the first order,” said Lyon College President W. Joseph King.