Lyon College welcomes new Hispanic Students Association

Lyon College’s new Hispanic Students Association joined the roster of student-led campus organizations.

Approved by the Student Government Association on Nov. 22, HSA is focused on providing members with a strong united community in order to ensure appreciation for the richness of Hispanic culture.

“HSA will help Hispanic students on campus make friends and communicate with each other,” said junior Yessenia Escobar, club president. “We will also do outreach in the community and educate other students about Hispanic culture.”

Photograph of 6 people
Members of Lyon College’s Hispanic Students Association

Dean of Campus Life and Diversity Lai-Monté Hunter said HSA is a good organization to have on campus because of the increase in Hispanic students attending Lyon College.

“This club will offer a place for students to convene to learn more about each other’s cultures and to connect with their peers,” he said. “It will also help in our efforts to foster connections between Lyon and the Batesville community.”   

“It almost makes me feel more validated on campus,” said junior Raul Gonzalez, club vice president. “HSA will help students create bonds with people who share similar cultural identities.”

Sophomore Sarah Guerrero said the formation of HSA gives her a sense of unity.

“It makes me feel more included at Lyon College,” she said.