Lyon esports player wins first championship

Jordan “Dewy413” Deuley hasn’t started playing for the Lyon College Esports team yet, but he has already won his first championship.

Deuley, of Van Buren, won an Arkansas State Championship for the game Rocket League on May 28. The Van Buren Pointers won against Bryant High School in a close match with an ending set score of 4 to 2.

Deuley was overjoyed to win the first championship in his esports career.

“I wasn’t really nervous, but that always changes once you get into the lobby.”

He continued, “I knew that we were going to do good, but I also knew that if I didn’t play smart we could easily lose.”

Deuley prepared for the match the same ways he always does, going to bed early and warming up beforehand.

“I will make sure that I have a good mind going into it by reminding myself that it is just a game for fun.”

To stay focused on the game, he tries to slow his pace down.

“With Rocket League being such a fast-paced game, it is really hard to jump straight back into that speed. You normally have to work your way back into it, so I just take a few deep breaths, think about the series and then I go back to it.”

His team had lost to Bryant in the semi-finals in 2019, so Deuley was excited for the rematch.

“[That loss] was good for me, though, because it gave me the motivation to really improve so I could finally win and become a state champion.”

Deuley enjoyed seeing his team improve with each season. They were one of the top four teams in their first season and qualified for the finals the next season.

“We made it to finals and got swept. It really wasn’t the best feeling in the world, but I am happy that we even made it to finals.”

He continued, “That also really fueled me to keep improving. I wanted to prove I was one of the best players in Arkansas. This season, I finally got to do so.”

Deuley has signed to play on the Lyon Esports team. He is looking forward to competing with the team while getting a good education.

“I really want to try to go pro. I have the motivation, and I know that all I am going to have to do is put in the time.”