New resident mentor moves into Lyon’s Young House

A new resident mentor moved into Young House this May, and he is ready to give back to Lyon students.

Director of Upward Bound Math-Science (UBMS) Cory Godbolt and his wife, Erica, moved into their new home May 15 and are prepared to have an impact on students’ lives.

“When I was first asked about this position, I was extremely nervous,” he said. “Having the chance to make a difference here at Lyon was an awesome thought, but I wanted to make sure I was ready for that next step.”

Cory and Erica Godbolt
Cory and Erica Godbolt

Godbolt graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a B.A. in Athletic Training in 2012 and earned his M.S. in Sports Administration from Henderson State University in 2014. As a first generation college student, Godbolt relates to the challenges of adjusting to college life.

“When I was in college, I played football as well and had those struggles of trying to balance everything,” he said. “Balance is a huge issue not only for freshmen but for sophomores, juniors, and seniors as well.”

“I actually did not go to a sponsored event in college until I was a junior. Freshman and sophomore year, I went to class, football practice, the cafeteria and my dorm room.”

When he eventually built up the courage to branch out, Godbolt started attending plays, spring flings, and other events on campus.

“There are so many opportunities here, but some people don’t realize that,” he said. “I want to step in and say ‘Hey, there’s this event going on this weekend! Maybe go check it out.’ ”

Having the chance to help students is a wonderful opportunity, Godbolt said.

“I think everyone has equal ability, but not everyone has the same opportunities,” he said. “Being from Buckner, Ark., I lived in a town with 275 people and grew up in a two-bedroom trailer home. I shared a bedroom with my brother my entire life.”

“We were poor, but having that experience and then going to Ouachita and later getting my M.S. really helped me form my own viewpoints.”

In his new role as Young House resident mentor, Godbolt hopes to make the transition to college life easier for students while also promoting teamwork, diversity, and retention.

Programming will be a big part of his new role as well.

“My plan is to have gatherings with students, faculty, and staff,” Godbolt said, “and really build that community atmosphere even more. The chance to network and coordinate with different groups is going to be awesome.”

He said everything he does as resident mentor will be based in reason and respect.

“I want to encourage students to respect others’ viewpoints,” he said. “Be reasonable. Hear people out. Go out and engage with new people and perspectives.”

Godbolt said every event will give students the chance to apply important life skills.

“I don’t like having events where people just show up, do something, and leave,” he said. “There should be something that can tie into your Lyon college experience, your life experience, teamwork, or some other skills aspect.”

As the Young House resident mentor, Godbolt will be serving on both the Student Success Committee and the CARE Team to promote student retention.

“Those committees are geared toward retaining students here,” he said. “If we see an issue with a student, we can reach out to them. Every single person here is different, so our goal is to pinpoint their weak areas and make the best plan for them. That way, they can continue to be successful.”

Godbolt said he cannot wait to start meeting students this fall.

“I’ve met several on campus already. These students are so receptive. We’ve never spoken a day in our lives, but they’re always so respectful and friendly.”

He said he has had many great mentors in his life, and he and his wife hope to be those mentors for someone else now.

“My wife is more excited than I am. She’s so excited to be on campus and have the opportunity to impact someone else’s life.”

“I’ve always said that when I arrive to a point of influence in my life I want to influence someone else. Lyon has been great to me. Lyon has put work into me and helped me grow and evolve while I’ve been here. I’m ready to give back.”