New Policy: Philander Smith College Employees Licensed to Carry Guns Can’t Bring them to Work

Philander Smith College employees who have concealed weapons licenses must leave their guns at home according to its board of trustees opting out of a state law,  and a new employee policy. 


The Firearm and Weapons policy buttresses the board’s decision to opt out of the state’s campus gun law. The board voted at its May 3 meeting to prevent employees with concealed weapons licenses from bringing their guns to work. This act prompted the campus to create a policy notifying employees of the college’s rules and regulations regarding concealed weapons licenses.


The state law — Act 226 of 2013 — allows trained and licensed faculty and staff members at private and public colleges to carry concealed handguns at their schools. It goes into affect Aug. 16.


“Our policy reflects the board’s decision and informs our employees of their rights as they work on this campus,” said Chief Jack Matlock, director of Philander Smith College’s security detail. “We have armed security officers on our campus who are adequately trained to protect students, staff and faculty. We’ve don’t need anyone else carrying guns on this campus.”


The policy states that “All members of the College community, including faculty, staff, and students are prohibited from possessing, using or storing firearms, explosives or weapons on the premises of the College without the explicit authorization of the College, whether or not a state concealed carrier license to possess the same has been issued to the possessor. You may possess tear-gas type products in personal use quantities for self-defense, but you may not use them for purposes other than self-defense. Violation of this policy may be punishable by disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, expulsion and/or contact of local law enforcement officials.”


Philander Smith College employs about 250 during the school year.  It’s unknown how many of these employees have concealed weapons licenses.