New Staggered Schedule Allows Students to Take Nine hours One Class at a Time

Philander Smith College is offering a flexible course plan to new students who have yet to complete their college registration process this school year and who want to ease into base level classes. These registrants will be allowed to complete at least nine credit hours by taking one class at a time starting Sept. 13 and ending Dec. 2.

“This semester within a semester will allow new students the opportunity to get plugged into their college courses with ease and flexibility,” said President Dr. Johnny Moore. “What’s imperative for students to know is that it’s not too late to sign up for college. We still have financial aid and scholarships available. We’re aiming to meet the needs of those who put off applying for college to the last minute.”

This system is designed to appeal to central Arkansas students who do not need campus housing. The flexible schedule allows new students to take sessions on Saturdays and at least four hours during weekday evenings.

The classes are offered one at time, meaning for four weeks, students could take Developmental English, Math or Reading; then, over the next four weeks select another class and complete a third class over a four-week period, ending in early December. The other classes being offered include Composition One, Introduction to Political Science and Introduction to Sociology, Basic Speech, College Math or Algebra. Each class is worth three credit hours.

To obtain information about cost, financial aid assistance and registering, call Cathy Young, in the Philander Smith College Admissions Office, (501)370-5221.