Lane is New Campus Ministries Director at Williams Baptist University

Williams Baptist University is welcoming a new leader to its campus ministries program.  Shannon Lane has begun work as WBU’s director of campus ministries, where he oversees a wide range of duties relating to the spiritual development of students.

Photograph of man with beard and eyeglasses.
Shannon Lane

“I’m excited about leading campus ministries because I love college students.  I love where they are in life. They think they can change the world, and they might just be able to do that.  In this position, we can point them to changing the world for Jesus,” Lane said.

As director of campus ministries at WBU, Lane will lead a comprehensive program that promotes discipleship, worship and evangelism, as well as domestic and international missions.  In addition to coordinating many of the program’s activities, he will also train students to be leaders in ministry activities, both on campus and abroad.

“Spiritual development is a central and crucial facet of Christian higher education, and we believe Shannon Lane is the ideal person to spearhead that effort at WBU.  He has experience and a passion for campus ministry, and he formed an instant connection with our students. We are delighted to have Shannon and Amber as part of our campus family at Williams,” said Dr. Stan Norman, president of WBU.

Lane, a native of Rogers, Ark., is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, where he earned the Masters of Christian Education with emphasis in college ministry.

“My first objective is getting a good feel for the atmosphere and the personality of the students,” Lane said.  “You can’t just take a ministry and plug it in. You have to fit it to where the students are and pray about where the Lord wants them to be.  My job is to aid the school and aid the students in getting where they need to be.”

Lane and his wife, Amber, have three children.  The family recently moved to Walnut Ridge.

WBU is a private, Christian university in Walnut Ridge.