WBC Receives $750,000 Estate Gift

Williams Baptist College has announced that it recently received an estate gift of $750,000. The gift, which came from a couple in northeast Arkansas, will go toward scholarships for WBC students.

“This gift comes from a wonderful couple who supported scholarships at Williams during their lifetimes. Now, they will benefit countless other students through the thoughtfulness and generosity of their estate planning,” said Dr. Tom Jones, WBC’s president.

Jones said Williams is currently developing plans for applying the scholarship funds. He said the scholarships may benefit students in several programs at WBC, including an honors program which the college plans to launch next fall.

“This couple gave quietly but generously in their lives, and the family has requested that we honor that tradition by keeping their names anonymous now,” noted Dr. Brett Cooper, vice president for institutional advancement. “Suffice it to say, they have established a lasting legacy in Christian higher education at WBC.”