Whitney Represents WBC at State Capitol

Every spring the top students from all Arkansas high schools travel to Little Rock for the Arkansas Scholastic Honors Day. Representatives from the state’s higher education institutions are also present, and this year junior Collin Whitney was the chosen ambassador for Williams Baptist College.

Having student ambassadors from Arkansas colleges and universities helps give college-bound seniors a chance to ask questions and make new friends as they prepare for their higher education experience, according to event organizers.

All students who attend had the chance to meet Governor Asa Hutchinson and his wife, First Lady Susan Hutchinson.

“The Scholastic Honors Day was an excellent opportunity to meet Gov. Hutchinson, the First Lady of Arkansas, and represent Williams Baptist College,” said Whitney. “The event recognized the top graduates from every high school across the state, and I considered it a high honor to represent Williams to these high caliber students. WBC is special place, centered around Christian values, and it is important to spread the word and promote our institution.”

Whitney is from Searcy, Ark., and is double-majoring in Christian ministries and business administration. He is the son of Brian and Jana Whitney, also of Searcy.

Collin Whitney