Auman Named WBC Distinguished Young Alumna

Lynsey (Riley) Auman was named Williams Baptist College’s 2014 Distinguished Young Alumna during Saturday’s Homecoming/Parents Day festivities.

Auman, who is a native of Sherwood, Ark., graduated from Williams in 2006. She earned a degree in English education, and now lives in Nashville, where she works for World Relief.

The mission of World Relief is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable of people. In the United States, the organization largely serves refugees who have had to flee their home countries due to persecution.

Auman began her work with World Relief Nashville four years ago, helping secure employment and promote self-sustainability for refugeesliving in the Nashville area.

In 2011, she took on the role of Journey Youth Services Program Manager. Journey provides after-school programming, mentorships, and cultural activities for refugee youth as they adjust to life in America and teenage life in general.

“I had an excellent college experience at Williams,” said Auman. “I was given the opportunity to grow both as a learner and a leader. Because of the personal attention given to me by incredibly talented professors, I gained skills and experience that I still use in my job today.”

She is married to Joshua Auman and is the daughter of Lynn and Cheryl Riley.

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