Central Baptist College Celebrates 20 Years of PACE

Central Baptist College President Terry Kimbrow has announced that the CBC Board of Trustees has approved a new student discount for the Spring 2020 semester of the PACE program to celebrate the program’s 20th Anniversary.

“We have been anticipating the 20th Anniversary of PACE, which stands for Professional Adult College Education. We wanted to be able to do something as a way of celebration of this unique program. Offering a 20% discount for the 20th Anniversary of the program in the year 2020 to allow new students to experience PACE seemed like a great fit!” said Kimbrow.

The board approved the following language for the discount: “In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the PACE Program (January 2020), we approve a 20% tuition discount for all first time entering, transfer, or readmit students to the PACE program for the Spring 2020 semester. This discount would be stackable with any other institutional aid they are eligible to receive.”

“So many people have put their dream of obtaining a college degree on hold because they find themselves place-bound, working during the day, caring for a family or facing other obstacles that hinder their ability to go to college,” said Dr. Gary McAllister, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “PACE can remove those roadblocks and give adults an opportunity to achieve their dreams. The time to enroll is now!”

Ryan Johnson, Vice President for Enrollment Management said that “the PACE Program began as a non-scholarship program with students being required to pay out of pocket for 100% of program costs. In recent years Central Baptist College has added multiple types of institutional aid available in the PACE program to assist students with covering program costs. This additional 20% discount should further assist students make their dream of beginning or completing a college degree a reality.”

In addition to available state and federal financial aid programs, Central Baptist College offers a Veteran’s Discount Grant, Ministry Tuition Grant, and BMAA Grant for students who attend a BMAA church. Most recently, the College has started a PACE Business Partner program where area businesses can partner with CBC to offer their employees a 25% tuition discount.

According to McAllister, the initial purpose of the PACE Program was to accommodate the educational needs of adults, which led to the development of a nontraditional program to assist them in completing their education. “Because of the flexible format of the degree completion program, adult learners, who found themselves hindered by a work schedule or other conflicts, could complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management by attending class once a week in the evening for 18 months.” Integration of new technology has further enhanced the flexibility of the program and kept it relevant in an ever-changing environment.

“Over the years, PACE has grown,” added McAllister. “Although it began with just one degree program, it now offers 12 different degree programs in areas such as Psychology, Human Resource Management, Leadership and Ministry and Management Information Systems. Students can begin these programs with no previous college experience. They also have more flexibility. They can still come to class once a week, if they choose, or they can take advantage of the hybrid and online programs that we offer and complete their degree from home.”

To take advantage of the one-time 20% tuition discount, first-time entering, transfer, or readmit students should apply for admission and complete the registration process during the Spring 2020 semester. There are four registration periods (blocks) for the Spring 2020 semester. The application deadline for the first block is December 6 with classes set to begin January 13. The application deadline for the second block is January 24 with classes beginning February 17. To learn more or to complete an application for admission visit cbc.edu/itsyourtime or contact the Admissions Office at 501-329-6873.