Former Harding University president releases memoir

Harding University Chancellor David B. Burks has released a memoir detailing his 26 years as president of the University. Burks completed the book this fall in time for the University’s 90th annual Homecoming.

The book is titled “Camaraderie,” a word that became a staple of Burk’s presidency when he began speaking about it in the first daily chapel of each school year. Burks describes the word as “high-spirited fellowship,” and the book highlights many of his favorite and meaningful moments from his 26 years at the helm of the University.

“I tried to answer the question, ‘Why is Harding so special for so many people?’” Burks said. “We have 50,000 alumni. The answer lies in the people who make up the Harding family.”

Burks structured the book around “faith, learning and living,” a phrase he coined in his 1987 presidential inaugural address and has since been at the center of the University’s brand. He also featured chapters on Harding’s growth under his leadership and transition to a new president. Burks chose to dedicate the book to students.

“I’ve been influenced by the student body at Harding,” Burks said. “As I thought about this book, it’s all about relationships and high-spirited fellowship, and it seemed to me from the very beginning that this book should be dedicated to the students at Harding.”