Hendrix Moves to Test Optional Admission

Hendrix College will offer test optional admission for students applying for admission to the Fall 2020 incoming student class.

With test optional admission, students have the option to request their test scores not be considered if they feel the scores do not represent their ability. Students may indicate their preference to be considered as test optional on both Hendrix’s application and the Common Application.

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According to The National Center for Fair and Open Testing , test optional admission promotes equity and excellence and recognizes that test scores do not equal merit. More colleges have moved to test optional admission in recent years, and those institutions have largely been pleased with more diverse applicant pools and enrolled classes with no loss of academic quality.

Hendrix has long considered applications holistically and never used test scores as a make-or-break factor in admission decisions.  

“This is an important way for us to be even more accessible and inclusive,” said Hendrix President Bill Tsutsui. “We hope test optional admission will attract more students who can certainly succeed and thrive at Hendrix but might be a little apprehensive about applying to Hendrix because of our strong academic profile and reputation.”

Last week, the College announced a historic four-year graduation rate (70 percent, the highest in Arkansas and among the top four-year graduation rates in the country) and introduced Tuition Advantage to reassure students and families that a Hendrix education is accessible and affordable.

“Tuition Advantage, test optional admission, and our record four-year graduation rate demonstrate how this community is absolutely committed to student access and success,” said Tsutsui. “With our focus on inspiring students to develop their fullest potential, Hendrix is quite simply one of the best higher education investments that students and families can make.”

For more information on test optional admission at Hendrix, visit www.hendrix.edu/testoptional.

Learn more about Tuition Advantage at www.hendrix.edu/tuitionadvantage. Hendrix College offers other scholarships that could reduce overall cost even more. Learn more at www.hendrix.edu/financialaid.