Hendrix Odyssey Provides Opportunity for Future Physicians

In the Fall 2018 semester, a new Hendrix Odyssey experience called “Medicine in Society” brought together hands-on learning, academic study, and vocational reflection for Hendrix students planning to become physicians. 

Through volunteering alongside professionals with Hospice Home Care, studying and discussing articles from the Hastings Center-Bioethics Research Institute, and engaging in reflective writing exercises, students integrated their learning and gained a deeper understanding of what being a physician requires. In particular, the program encouraged students to think and reflect upon matters surrounding end-of-life care, as well as the treatment of pain and suffering in the wake of irreparable injury or compromised function.

Watch the video to see students, faculty, and hospice staff members share their perspectives on the experience. Learn more about the Odyssey Program at www.hendrix.edu/academics/odyssey.