Philander Smith College Receives $200,000 Contribution from Atlanta-Based Food Service Provider, Gourmet Services, Inc.

Philander Smith College announced the receipt of a $200,000 donation from campus dining provider, Gourmet Services, Inc, a premier food service management company based in Atlanta, GA. The contribution represents an initial installment of a long-term commitment of financial support to the College.

Photo of two people holding a large check.With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Gourmet Services, Inc. is the largest wholly-owned minority food service management company in the U.S. and currently manages Philander Smith’s on campus dining program. Its commitment and financial contribution to the College represent a partnership approach that is the foundation of Gourmet Services’ business model. “Our goal is to create a partnership that transcends food and dining services and helps the institution with retention, student services, and the entire student experience,” said Gourmet Services CEO, Valerie Goldston. “We strive to support the institution’s overall needs, thus becoming a true part of the entire campus experience.”

Philander Smith College, which has reported enrollment growth of over 20% during the last two years, is on an intentional forward trajectory. Philander Smith College President, Dr. Roderick L. Smothers, Sr., believes partnerships such as this are critical to the College’s new direction. “The goal is to create relationships with organizations that go beyond the services they provide to our campus and position them as part of the College’s long term growth. With Gourmet Services, we have identified a strategic partner who can help achieve our goals not only as it relates to dining, but the overall forward vision.”

In addition to the donation, Gourmet Services, Inc. has also committed to funding aesthetic improvements to the campus dining hall located in the C.J. Duvall Student Center. “With these modifications, we hope to create a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere while also improving the dining experience for students, which is a critical component of their campus life,” said Goldston.